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Forex Copy

The ForexCopy system by InstaForex is an innovative service enabling following successful Forex traders and copying their trades online on a set ratio.

Being unparalleled among services rendered by other international brokers, the ForexCopy system has turned InstaForex Company to a market maker in innovations. The ForexCopy system represents a new wave of high-grade financial services. The system does not require investments in share holding projects and provides instant execution of copied orders, subscription to selected currency pairs and other financial instruments, and enables adjusting a ratio of copying.

The ForexCopy system is designed to enable copying orders of successful and professional Traders registered in ForexCopy. Statistics on a trading process and chosen strategy is available on the ForexCopy monitoring page.

To allow copying trades, professional Traders should once adjust terms of copying and then proceed with habitual trading. A Trader may choose various options, such as a commission per deal, a commission per 0.01 lots and a profit share to be paid by his Followers.

However, a Trader will receive a commission only in case :

  •  A deal yields profit to his Follower;
  •  This profit covers a commission to be paid by the Follower to the Trader.

A Trader may choose a daily subscription. In this case Followers will pay a fixedcommission per dayif the Trader has opened at least one position during the subscription period. The ForexCopy system does not limit Traders in adjustment of their copying terms. Depending on a strategy and preferences, a Trader may choose all terms or only one.

ForexCopy Followersmay use the monitoring list to choose the best Traders and subscribe to copy their trades. The ForexCopy system provides a Follower with an opportunity to adjust subscription parameters for every Trader separately. Subscription parameters include a ratio of copying, currency pairs and other financial instruments, and a limit on a number of trades copied per day. A Follower may set all these parameters individually for every Trader

There are no limits on a Trader’s or Follower’s account balance. If a Follower’s account is underdeposited to copy and open a trade, the trade simply will not be opened on the Follower’s account. There are no limits on a number of Traders to follow, and copying orders between two Traders is allowed.

Any InstaForex customer may register in the ForexCopy system and start copying orders of successful Traders. Registration in the system is free of charge.


Attention :Only US dollar accounts can be registered with the ForexCopy system.

ForexCopy by InstaForex : 


Reach the top of professional trading together with Gurus of Forex market !

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  •  ForexCopy Monitoring


ForexCopy Monitoring will help you check the success of various forex traders registered with the ForexCopy system and choose those who seem the most prosperous to you. Monitoring contains yield statistics, balance and equity growth charts with adjustable timeframe enabling you to track the trading effectiveness of a chosen ForexCopy trader.


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